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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Soaring words from a wise old chief

“If the very old will remember, the very young will listen.” – Chief Dan George


                I’ve written about Chief George before but felt his poem To A Grandchild would make for a perfect Saturday’s Poem.  Actor, poet and author, his best-known written work was My Heart Soars from a line he uttered often in the movie Little Big Man, and his book by the same name.       

            Born in 1899 in British Columbia, he wrote many books, poems and songs, among them these wise words from My Heart Soars.

To A Grandchild

Heed the days
when the rain flows freely,
in their greyness
lies the seed of much thought
The sky hangs low
and paints new colors
on the earth.
After the rain
the grass will shed its moisture,
the fog will lift from the trees,
a new light will brighten the sky
and play in the drops
that hang on all things.
Your heart will beat out
a new gladness
- if you let it happen.
In the midst of a land
without silence
you have to make a place for yourself.
Those who have worn out
their shoes many times
know where to step.
It is not their shoes
you can wear
only their footsteps
you may follow,
- if you let it happen.

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