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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fostering your artistic self

There’s an old saying that parents use with kids on how to be careful when crossing the street or moving into a place that might be unsafe.  That’s Stop, Look and Listen.

At a recent talk, Kate Galt, a parenting and productivity coach in Boulder, Colo., used those same three words in describing how to approach creativity.  These words are, she said, “magic tricks” toward fostering your artistic self.

Stop.  Take a slow breath and give yourself time to think about approaching a creative opportunity.
Look.  Observe your self.  Be passively aware of what you are doing and what you would like to do.

Listen.  And by that, she means to yourself.  What is that voice in the back of your brain suggesting?  Maybe it’s a path you should follow, and we are also opening our brains to wisdom, intuition, and original thought.   “We have less worry in this mode too,” she said.

Sometimes we ignore our creative brain by letting our analytical brain take charge.  By stopping, looking and listening to what we have in the backs of our minds, we may open doors to creativity that we didn’t even realize we were keeping closed.
Kate Galt  (check out her website at www.kategalt.com)

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