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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Utilizing Life's Humorous Events

 For many years I wrote a “humor based on life” column called “Jargon,” which also became the title of one of my books.  Started when I was writing for the Hot Springs Star in the Southern Black Hills, “Jargon” gave readers an invitation to enjoy a laugh at things that might or might not happen to them but had, in fact, happened to me or members of my family.  

And, while some of those columns were written purely to entertain, others were done as a way to draw attention to a special need, an idea, or a concept that was easier to convey through the use of humor.  

Most of the things we laugh at in real life – whether they be about a temperamental pet or embarrassing things your kids say at the most inopportune times – are true stories, even if sometimes slightly exaggerated for effect.   Humor is not only a great technique, but also often the key focus of what makes up many of the best Writers’ Moments.  “Happy” writing. 



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