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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Opportunity and adventure


Driving along a snow-packed road – with crosswind buffeting the car with an urgency that indicates it doesn’t like the idea that you’re filling up part of the space through which it hopes to pass – has a way of “heightening” the driver's senses.

I always start such trips with the feeling that this time the snow, ice and wind are not going to be an issue; that I’ve learned from my past and know what I have to do.  But Mother Nature always has a new twist or a few new tricks to make sure that the experience is not a repeat, but instead a new “opportunity."

So even if you’ve made the trip many times before, it always ends up as a whole new adventure.

Writing often is that way, too, especially when you’re using time-tested techniques or concepts.  You start out thinking you’ve been along this path, and this will be an easy opportunity to fill up space en route to your new story’s destination.  But, lo and behold, a new pathway emerges and you find yourself drawn in that direction – “just to have a peek.” 

And the journey, while sometimes a bit harrowing, is always worthy of the effort.  Once you arrive, you’re glad you made the trip.   Happy writing.

Reaching the destination sometimes 
involves an “interesting” journey

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