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Monday, February 16, 2015

Our cherished freedom

We celebrate Presidents Day in February because it first was a celebration of the lives of our two greatest Presidents – Lincoln and Washington – whose birthdays were Feb. 12th and Feb. 22nd, respectively.   Both gave the nation, and thus each of us, much to be grateful for, not least being the opportunity and freedom to express ourselves through the writing and sharing of our thoughts and ideas.  It is a freedom not allowed in a wide swath of the world.

I thought it appropriate to share a comment made by Irish actor Daniel Day-Lewis on both the honor and challenge of playing Abraham Lincoln in his Academy Award-winning role of a couple of years ago.   When asked, Day-Lewis said:

“The minute you begin to approach him -- and there are vast corridors that have been carved that lead you to an understanding of that man's life, both through the great riches of his own writing and all the contemporary accounts and biographies -- he feels immediately and surprisingly accessible. He draws you closer to him.”

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

Happy Presidents Day!

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