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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The salve of storytelling

"Storytelling makes possible redemptions and healings that can't happen in any other way." – Stephen Donaldson

While Stephen Reeder Donaldson is American, he has been “other-worldly” in his writing, developing a wide range of fantasy and science fiction novels that have cemented his position as a leading writer in the genre’ and had him knocking around in an alternative universe as his primary setting.

His most famous series is The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, a ten-novel fantasy series. His work is characterized by psychological complexity, conceptual abstractness, moral bleakness, and the use of an arcane vocabulary, and has attracted critical praise for its "imagination, vivid characterizations, and fast pace."   He also should get high marks for great choice of titles (one I especially enjoyed is called The Rune of Earth).

A graduate of The College of Wooster in Ohio and then Kent State (also, of course, in Ohio), he currently makes his home in New Mexico where he recently had a birthday that he shares with me (same date and year).  And I loved his quote at the time:  “I may not be as old as dirt, but dirt and I have an awful lot in common.”

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