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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Put your demon to work

“Occasionally, there arises a writing situation where you see an alternative to what you are doing, a mad, wild gamble of a way for handling something, which may leave you looking stupid, ridiculous or brilliant – y ou just don't know which. You can play it safe and proceed along the route you'd mapped out for yourself. Or you can trust your personal demon who delivered that crazy idea in the first place.  Trust your demon.” – Roger Zelazny

When writers like George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) are asked who influenced them, more often than not they’ll say Roger Zelazny.  A fantasy and science fiction writer extraordinaire, Zelazny wrote dozens and dozens of short stories and novels, including Lord of Light (Hmmmm, sound familiar, Martin fans?).  In his relatively short life (he died at age 58) he was nominated for three dozen major writing awards and won 14. 

Roger Zelazny
The secret to his success?  “Write often.  I try to sit down and write at least 3 times a day, even if only for a few sentences at a time,” he said.  “Creativity is worthless if you don’t take the time to apply it.” 

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