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Saturday, September 19, 2015

'Grist' for the writing mill

I love driving across country and viewing the interesting things that surround us – whether they be man-made or from nature.  Unique rock formations, interesting streams and rivers, the vastness of the western prairie, or a tree clinging to the side of a rock embankment in a place where it has no business being located. 

The same might be said for the juxtaposition of a 150-year-old church with a gleaming aluminum and glass skyscraper (like we saw in downtown St. Louis), a “cathedral” on the prairie, like in Victoria, Kansas, or a ship-shaped casino perched on a hillside in West Virginia.

Nature and people are constantly providing writers with grist for their writing mills and the imagery and background settings we need to not only flesh out in our stories but truly “bring them to life.”
From downtown St. Louis to the vast western prairie, man and nature provide
writers with plenty of “grist” for their writing mills (photos by Susan Jorgensen)

Following my latest trip across the country for book-signing events, I also found dozens of things that will fill up my writing trough.  I’m ready to write.  Hope you are too.  Happy weekend – and keep searching for those “writer’s moments”  in what you see, hear, taste, smell or discuss with others around you.

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