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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day, especially to my wife Susan and daughters Kari and Becky, who also are beautiful and wonderful mothers, giving Susan and me some terrific grandsons.  All 3 of these strong women have always been great inspirations to me as a writer.

And, remembering today my own mother Virginia, who died at the relatively young age of 60, but whose spirit and enthusiasm for life continues to play an important part in my life and how I look upon the world when writing about it.

 “Be happy and be a friend, and your life will always be full,” my mother used to say.  “Money does not measure success.  If your life is filled with friends, then you are rich.”   My mother’s optimistic spirit, concern for others, and hope for the future were, perhaps, the greatest gifts she gave to me and to all whose lives she touched. 

We receive so many gifts from our mothers each and every day.  The best each of us can do in return is cherish those gifts and use them wisely.

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