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Thursday, October 12, 2017

This is what you have to do

“I write because I write - as anyone in the arts does. You're a painter because you feel you have no choice but to paint. You're a writer because this is what you do.” – Richard Price

Born on this date in 1949, Price is both a novelist and screenwriter, known for the books The Wanderers and Clockers. Price's novels explore late-20th century urban America in a gritty, realistic manner that has brought him considerable literary acclaim.

His award-winning screenplays including two of the most popular HBO series’ – The Wire and The Night Of – and the Academy Award nominated The Color of Money.

A native of The Bronx, Price studied at both Cornell University and Columbia University and started writing while still in college, achieving success in both creative writing and with his essays in such prestigious journals as Esquire and The New Yorker.   A popular and much sought-after writing teacher, he has done numerous stints at many major universities.         

His advice to students is to develop your characters and then let them grow with your writing.  “You can't take a character anywhere they don't expect the character to go,” he said.  “But within those confines is where creativity lies.”

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