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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Drawn To Puzzly Plots

“The funny thing is, though I write mysteries, it is the one genre in adult fiction I never read. I read Nancy Drew, of course, when I was a kid, but I think the real appeal is as a writer because I'm drawn to puzzly, complicated plots.” – Elise Broach
Born in Georgia on this date in 1963, Broach now makes her home in Connecticut where she settled after earning two degrees from Yale and where she writes all sorts of books, but primarily mysteries.  Among her many award-winning novels are Shakespeare's Secret, Desert Crossing, and Masterpiece. 
                                               To show the breadth of her writing, Broach has also authored 9 Picture Books for young children, including When Dinosaurs Came with Everything, a 2008 Notable Children's Book (as voted by the American Library Association) and 2018’s, My Pet Wants A Pet.   But it's mysteries she most loves.

“Mysteries always have the potential for interesting connections between the elements,” she said.  “I'm also most interested in the relationship between the characters. As in Masterpiece, I'm trying to create characters who not only are solving a mystery but are solving the riddle of their own personal relationships.”

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