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Sunday, December 22, 2019

New Voices, New Techniques

“Print-on-demand publishing is the new farm system for new voices in fiction. Authors who have compelling things to say, who can market their stories in compelling ways, will succeed.”  - Daniel Suarez

More and more publishing houses are going to the "print on demand" technology and no one can speak more to how successful the technique is than Suarez, whose novels started in that fashion before being “mainstreamed” by Dutton, one of the Big Five publishers.

Suarez, who was born on this day in 1964, is an IT specialist whose career as an author began with a pair of techno-thriller novels, Daemon, originally self-published under his own company Verdugo Press, and then Freedom, picked up by Dutton along with a re-release of the first one.
 A former systems consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, Suarez loves writing, but also stays involved with technology, designing and developing mission-critical software for the defense, finance, and entertainment industries.  He said he loves writing but sometimes pushes the wrong buttons with his topics.  
                                         “When you write a high-tech thriller and then people in the defense establishment start calling you - people I can't name - you feel maybe you've hit a nerve.  Oh well.”

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