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Monday, August 2, 2021

'Constructing Consciousness (From) Words'

 "Novelists are in the business of constructing consciousness out of words, and that's what we all do, cradle to grave.  The Self is a story we tell." -- James Gleick

An American author, historian of science, and sometimes internet pioneer, Gleick (born Aug. 1, 1954) is a "sometime" internet pioneer whose work has chronicled the cultural impact of modern technology on our lives.   He has been called "one of the great science writers of all time"and is part of the inspiration for Jurassic Park character Ian Malcolm.

I first read and interacted with his work as a member of the Science Writers of America – a somewhat dubious designation for me even though I do like writing science features from time-to-time and was honored to be accepted into their clan.

Winner of many awards for his writing and critical reviews, he has been a three-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and finalist for the National Book Award for his bestseller The Information:  A History, a Theory, a Flood.  And, he holds the distinction of being the first editor of "The Best American Science Writing Series."


“Every new medium transforms the nature of human thought,” he said.  “In the long run, history is the story of information becoming aware of itself.”


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