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Thursday, October 28, 2021

‘A Long Journey of Discovery’

 “I think it's a terrible thing to write and not enjoy it. It's a sad thing. But of course a lot of people do work because they need to eat. And we all need to eat, but that's not the only reason to work. You couldn't have paid me not to write.” – Anne Perry

Born Juliet Marion Hulme on this date in 1938,  Perry – a native of England who now lives in the U.S. – is best known for her Thomas Pitt and William Monk detective series’.   She took a circuitous route to her writing career, which followed time in prison.


At age 15, Hulme and her best friend Pauline Parker murdered Parker's mother in a convoluted plan to keep Parker from having to move to another country.  The events formed the basis for the 1994 film Heavenly Creatures with Kate Winslet playing the teenaged Hulme.


 At the time of the film's release, it was not generally known that mystery author "Anne Perry" was Juliet Hulme, whose identity was made public some months after the film's release. 

To date she has published over 60 novels and many short story collections. Her story "Heroes", which first appeared in the 1999 anthology Murder and Obsession, won the 2001 Edgar Award for Best Short Story.   In 2017, Perry moved to Hollywood in order to more effectively promote films based on her novels.

 “What do I believe? It has been a long journey of discovery,” Perry noted.  “There have been hesitations and errors along the way, and no doubt will be more, because I am still learning, both about myself and about life.”



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