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Monday, January 15, 2024

'Be willing to fail'


“I'm always terrified when I'm writing.” – Mary Karr

Karr’s sentiment probably echoes all who take pen in hand or sit up to a keyboard or typewriter to begin the creative process.


Born in Groves, Texas on Jan. 16, 1955 Karr brought her early years back to life in her New York Times bestselling memoir, The Liars' Club.   The book delves vividly and often humorously into her childhood, most of which was spent in a gritty industrial section of Southeast Texas. 


The author of 2 other memoirs, Cherry, and Lit: A Memoir, she also has had success as a poet (5 volumes to date) and essayist.  Winner of the prestigious Whiting Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship in poetry, and two Pushcart Prizes, her “day job” is Professor of English Literature at Syracuse.


“Young writers often mistakenly choose a certain vein or style based on who they want to be, unconsciously trying to blot out who they actually are.” Karr said.   “The thing I have to do as a writer . . .  is that I have to be willing to fail.”

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