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Monday, June 5, 2017

A little different way to see the world

“I wasn't one of those kids who grew up wanting to write or who read a particular book and thought: 'I want to do that!' I always told stories and wrote them down, but I never thought writing was a career path, even though, clearly, someone was writing the books and newspapers and magazines.” – Gayle Forman 
A Los Angeles native, Forman was born on this date in 1970.  She is, perhaps, best known for her novel If I Stay, which both topped the New York Times bestseller list of Young Adult Fiction and also was made into a popular film – which I saw and liked a lot (I highly recommend it).

Forman began her career writing for Seventeen Magazine, with most of her articles focusing on young people and social concerns.   For a number of years, in addition to her YA writing, she has been a successful freelance journalist for publications like Glamour, The Nation, and Elle.

Now a resident of Brooklyn, NY, married, and the mother of two girls, Forman said she found her niche in YA writing by zeroing in on themes that give you an in-depth and often wrenching look at her protagonists’ lives.       

“I think we like movies and books that give us this emotionally moving experience,” she said. “Where you feel like a slightly different person, and you see the world a little different after you finish. It lets you see your own life in a different way, and it actually makes you feel really good.”

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