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Monday, December 25, 2017

Faith and the spirit of Christmas

“Faith is believing in something even when your common sense tells you not to.  We all can be Santa Clauses, you know?  All we have to do is have faith in ourselves, because when you have faith, you’re somebody.” 

That’s a line delivered by Kris Kringle in the wonderful Christmas show “Here’s Love,” the musical version of the Christmas Classic “Miracle on 34th Street.”

I delivered that line while playing that role on stage – my opportunity to become Santa Claus and help change the mind of a cynical little girl and her mother about who and what Santa is all about.   “Being” Santa carries a huge responsibility because so many children see and believe.  I was lucky to be cast and to embody that role, if even for just a few short weeks. 

I hope you carry the spirit of Christmas with you as we end this rather cynical year and push on into a new year.  You just have to have a little faith!

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