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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Great research; great tales

“I love research so much that I do an enormous amount; it helps put off the moment of starting to write the story.” – Alan Garner

There are few writers who wouldn’t agree with Garner, born on this date in 1934.  Gathering info. that you want to utilize as the foundation for your stories is always a gratifying and fulfilling thing.  But most writers are procrastinators by nature – knowing that they should put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard, but just dreading how things are going to start and where they are going to lead.  But, as every author knows, the time comes when you’ve got to kick the kid out the door.  In other words, get busy and write.

Born in the front room of his grandmother’s house in Cheshire, England, Garner grew up near that northwestern English city, where he has chosen to set most of his books.  Best known for his children's fantasy novels and his re-tellings of traditional British folk tales, his work is firmly rooted in the landscape, history and folklore of his native county.      Noted for his “slow, but steady” writing style, he takes his time but always produces winners, earning him almost every major writing award for young people’s literature in the process.

As for procrastinating, he said being a writer is really pretty simple. “ Look, if you are going to write, nothing will stop you,” he said.  “And if you are not going to write, nothing will make you.” 

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