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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Taking genre' literature to the top

“It's funny because I think that genre literature can be looked down on by literature literature. And I like that! I like being scorned; I like people looking down their noses at us a little bit... It gives us a little chip on our shoulder.” – Don Winslow
Born in New York City on Halloween night 1953, Winslow grew up in Rhode Island and credits his parents for preparing him to become a writer.  His mother was a librarian, and his father a non-commissioned officer in the United States Navy who was a great storyteller and invited Navy friends around who told even more, inspiring Winslow to become a storyteller himself.

His first “genre” book, in 1991, introduced detective Neal Carey, a recurring figure in many of his detective/crime novels.    To date he has written 19 books and had two – The Life of Bobby Z and Savages – made into movies.  His newest book, The Force – is under production for a 2019 movie release.  He said he thinks of writing in the genre as “being in a special place.”

“And, as a writer, when you fall in love with a place, you want to spend more time in it, either physically or mentally,” he said, “so you write about it.”

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