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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Stepping out of the real world

“Every book that you pick up takes you a step away from your real world, but if you read a book about magic, it takes you an extra two steps.” – Jenny Nimmo

Born on this date in 1944, Nimmo is a British author of children's books, including many fantasy and adventure novels.  While she was born in England, she has lived mostly in Wales for the past 40 years and is probably best known for two series of fantasy novels with their roots in that region: The Magician Trilogy, contemporary stories rooted in Welsh myth, and Children of the Red King.

A voracious reader as a child, she started writing while still in elementary school but actually began her professional writing career by adapting other writers’ stories for use by the BBC.  Her own first book The Bronze Trumpeter started as a BBC script before she re-worked it.  
                                  Her focus on writing for children grew out of her firm belief that reading to children is vital to their development.  She said that reading to her own 3 children made her a better writer – that and the Welsh landscape, culture and myths that surrounded her and her family in their adopted home.

“Inspiration comes from the world around me,” she said.   “I'm an inveterate eavesdropper.”

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