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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Featuring Poet John Ashbery

I like poems you can tack all over with a hammer and there are no hollow places.” – John Ashbery

Former Poet Laureate Ashbery was the longer subject of yesterday’s blog post and today is the focal point for Saturday’s Poem.    Here is Ashbery’s,

By Guess and By Gosh

O awaken with me
the inquiring goodbyes.
Ooh what a messy business
a tangle and a muddle
(and made it seem quite interesting).

He ticks them off:
leisure top,
a different ride home,
whispering, in a way,
whispered whiskers,
so many of the things you have to share.

But I was getting on,
and that's what you don't need.
I'm certainly sorry about scaring your king,
if indeed that's what happened to him.
You get Peanuts and War and Peace,
some in rags, some in jags, some in
velvet gown. They want
the other side of the printing plant.

There were concerns.
Say hi to jock itch, leadership principles,
urinary incompetence.
Take that, perfect pitch.
And say a word for the president,
for the scholar magazines, papers, a streaming.
Then you are interested in poetry.

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