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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

'It's The Story That Matters'

“History is what we bring to it, not just the events themselves, but how we interpret those events.” – Robert Harris

Born on March 7, 1957, Harris is an English novelist whose writing career began as a print journalist and morphed into television reporting (for the BBC) before he switched to historical writing in the late 1980s.  While he started writing nonfiction about history it is in historical fiction that his fame rests.

A native of Nottingham (made famous by the Legend of Robin Hood), Harris hit his writing stride with the bestseller Fatherland and built a loyal following with books focused on WWII, including the wildly successful Enigma – both a bestseller and an award-winning movie.   Since then he has had successful forays into ancient Rome and contemporary history, always telling tales that readers find “highly engaging and gripping.”

His most recent work Munich returns to his love of the WWII era, but he promises that his newest book, tentatively titled The Second Sleep and due out later this year, will be “set in the future.” 
“I write as well as I can. I'm a journalist at heart, so it's the story that matters,” Harris said.   
   “To tell a good story and to illuminate the world: the two things are completely linked. That is the point. That is what I've always wanted to do.”

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