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Thursday, September 9, 2021

‘A Process of Discovering’

 “Writing is a process of discovering. I could never outline a narrative; that just sounds boring. There's no joy of discovery in what you're doing if that's your strategy.”  Bob Shacochis

Born in Pennsylvania on this date in 1951, Shacochis is an acclaimed novelist, short story writer, and literary journalist who also teaches creative writing at Florida State University.

Shacochis jumped right into the writing world with his first collection of short stories Easy in the Islands earning the National Book Award in category First Work of Fiction.  That was in 1985 and since then he’s had one success after another, either with his short stories, his novels, or his journalistic efforts – primarily as a war correspondent.  His highly “personal” reporting style has earned him millions of fans.  To get a sense of his reporting style, take a look at his wonderful nonfiction book about the U.S. intervention in Haiti, The Immaculate Invasion.

His novel writing, reflective of the concise style of Hemingway, has produced both a National Book Award finalist – Swimming in the Volcano – and a Dayton Literary Prize – The WomanWho Lost Her Soul. 
“I'm asked all the time, 'Doesn't it feel great                                     
 to finish the novel?',” he said.  “And the answer
 to that is, 'No.' It's sort of a loss to stop a 10-year project, which is an imaginary project in the sense that it's a work of my imagination.”

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