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Monday, October 2, 2023

Being 'aware' of your surroundings


“When you are interviewing someone, don't just write down what he says. Ask yourself: Does this guy remind you of someone? What does the room feel like? Notice smells, voice inflection, neighborhoods you pass through. Be a cinematographer.” – Gene Weingarten


For aspiring writers (whether it be in journalism or the creative genre), take note of Weingarten’s advice.  Being aware of your “surroundings” is crucial to the success of your stories.  His writing – whether part of his humorous online chats or serious works like his Pulitzer Prize-winning features – is always succinct, clear and distinct, putting the reader firmly and fully into each tale.


Born on this date in 1952, Weingarten is the only writer to win the Pulitzer Prize twice for feature writing.   Widely known for his humor writing he also is co-author of the comic strip Barney & Clyde (along with his son Dan and artist David Clark).


 “The one thing an aspiring writer must understand (about writing) is that it's hard,” Weingarten said.   “If you think it's not hard, you're not doing it right.”

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