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Friday, October 13, 2023

Exploring 'The Rhythm of the Words'


“I think with all my books, language has been their subject as much as anything else. Language can elide or displace or sideline whole groups of people. You can't necessarily change the way language is used, but if it becomes something you're conscious of... that gives you a certain power over it.” – Kate Grenville

Born on Oct. 15, 1950 Australia's Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Grenville has authored 15 books – including fiction, non-fiction, biography and books about the writing process.  Along the way, she's won both the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and the Orange Prize, two of the writing world's top awards.  
Grenville’s career started in film before she wrote a collection of highly regarded short stories in the early 1980s.  Her 1985 novel Lilian’s Story established her reputation as one of Australia’s leading fiction writers.  That multiple award-winning book also was made into a successful movie. 

Grenville's writing has explored Australia’s colonial past and relationships among its peoples, especially in her acclaimed books The Secret River, The Lieutenant and Sarah Thornhill.      
Also a writing teacher, she has written or co-written several widely used books about the writing process.  

“I read a lot of poetry, and I love what it does with language,” Grenville said.  “I love music, too, and I think there's probably no coincidence there, that the rhythm of the words is almost as important as the words themselves.”

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