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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Transporting into the story

Having spent the past few days reading to grandkids at bedtime, it’s been terrific to see how “into the story” they get each time.  It’s not just “a story” to them, but an “experience.”  That, of course, is what each writer hopes to achieve, writing something so compelling that the reader is transported “into” the story. 

I remember the expression my Mom used in describing my own absorption into books.  “That kid always has his nose buried in some book.  It’s funny he doesn’t just jump inside.” 

Little did she know, I already had.

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  1. I was called a "bookworm" by my mom. My favorite thing to do on Saturday afternoon was to get on my bike, ride to the public library, and fill my backpack with books. I can still remember that feeling of putting "Little House on the Prairie," "The Boxcar Children," "The Happy Hollisters," and "Trixie Belden" on the librarian's desk, awaiting her to check them out (the old fashioned way.) She handed them back to me and I felt like she had given me a great gift...which she had.