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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The world created

Author Anne Rice, who has gained fame and acclaim for her books on vampires, said in high school she fell in love with the writing of Charles Dickens, particularly the book Great Expectations.  “I identified with the young hero, Pip,” she said.  She found herself believing not only in the world Dickens had created but also that she and Pip were alike. “I’ve read it over and over again over the years, marveling at Dickens’ technique in handling the voice of Pip.”

She said the novel taught her more about being a writer than perhaps any other piece
of fiction she ever read as well as understanding that a writer is sometimes led by his or her characters instead of the other way around.                                                
Anne Rice
“In the magical world of writing, it is possible for an author to give birth to characters and elements that grow beyond his or her control.”

While it sometimes may be frustrating, it is, indeed, magical when that happens.

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