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Monday, February 26, 2018

It's A Novelist's Job

“It is the job of the novelist to touch the reader.” – Elizabeth George

I’ve written of George before, especially about her terrific book on writing, but couldn’t resist doing so again since today is the anniversary of her birth in 1949.  A writer of mysteries and suspense, she is best known for a series of novels featuring British Inspector Thomas Lynley – many of which have been adapted into television movies.  To date, about two-thirds of her 30 books have focused on the titled and wealthy Lynley, and despite being a native of Ohio who makes her home in the western U.S. she’s earned rave reviews in Great Britain as well as the U.S. for her stories.

George’s work has been honored with the Anthony and Agatha awards, the Grand Prix de LittÉrature PoliciÈre, and the MIMI, Germany's prestigious prize for suspense fiction.  A longtime instructor of creative writing, she has taught at colleges, universities, writers' retreats, and conferences internationally. 

“Writing is no dying art form in America because most published writers here accept the wisdom and the necessity of encouraging the talent that follows in their footsteps,” George said.          “ I write the kinds of novels I like to read, where the setting is rendered with love and care.”

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