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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

All's Possible In May

"The world's favorite season is the spring.  All things seem possible in May."
-  Edwin Way Teale

Happy May Day.  It’s  always seemed to be an inspirational month for writers and – lucky for me –  it’s also the month of my birth. 

Teale, quoted above was an American naturalist, photographer and writer perhaps best known for his series The American Seasons, four books documenting over 75,000 miles of automobile travel across North America following the changing seasons.      

Another writer I’ve enjoyed is English poet William Watson, who published his famous Odes And Other Poems in 1894.     Included in that book is Ode In May first published, coincidentally, on May 1st.  So, to writers everywhere, enjoy your writers’ moments, and Happy May Day!

                                                            Ode in May
"What is so sweet and dear
As a prosperous morn in May,
The confident prime of the day,
And the dauntless youth of the year,
When nothing that asks for bliss,
Asking aright, is denied,
And half of the world a bridegroom is,
And half of the world a bride?"

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