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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Putting poetry in common speech

Jack Elliott Myers was a poet and teacher who focused his teaching on helping young writers overcome the notion that creative writers were separated from much of society – and on putting poetry in common speech and making it accessible.

Myers, born on Nov. 29, 1941 had a distinguished career as a writer and teacher.  From 1993 until his death in 2009, Myers published 9 books of and about poetry, taught at 6 universities, directed the creative writing program at SMU, and served as Poet Laureate for the state of Texas.   For Saturday’s Poem (from Poetry) here is Myers’,

It’s Not My Cup Of Tea

My wife wants to know
what difference does it make
what cup I drink from
and I complain,
I like what I like
and that’s the story.

We have many kinds of cups.
But this morning my favorite is dirty
and I’m hunting for something
that won’t make me think.

One’s a fertility goddess,
huge fructuous belly, little head.

Another’s pleasant enough for guests
but has to have its finicky little saucer,
underneath so it won’t feel embarrassed.

And another, which is a smaller version
of what I like, would require me
to  get up and down too many times.

You think I am spoiled
or too set in my ways
or that I’m difficult
to live with,
and you’re right.

But there are so few things
that fit me in this life
I can count them in one hand,
things the spirit can sleep in
because whoever made them
put the things of this world –
vanity, greed, a sentimental wish
to be small again – aside. 

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