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Thursday, March 26, 2020

A 'Techno-Writer' From The Beginnng

“I've been on the Web from the beginning of the Web. The good part about writing about technology is that you never run out of ideas, because it's changing so fast. The bad part is that it's changing so fast that there's a million new products and ideas every day and every week.” – Walt Mossberg

Born in Rhode Island on this date in 1947, Mossberg is widely credited with pioneering modern, consumer-focused technology review and commentary.  The longtime principal technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal, he also co-founded the online newsletter AllThingsD and the technology news website Recode and created the D and Code Conferences.

A graduate of both Brandeis and Columbia Universities, where he studied Journalism, he was the first technology writer to receive the prestigious Loeb Award for Commentary, and in 2001, he won the World Technology Award for Media and Journalism.

Mossberg is rightly regarded as a visionary in reporting on the technology field, abruptly changing from a successful career as a political writer to one in technology when worldwide users were only numbered in the thousands.    “It's often hard to remember that the personal computing era is still quite young,” he said.  “It only dates from 1977, with the arrival of the first mass-market PCs.” 

 “I was an early user of AOL - so early, I didn't even have a number after my user name. For me, email was once vital, both for personal and business uses.  (Today) email is a Senior Citizen.”

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