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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Building 'Books' Into 'Classics'

“It's a wonderful thing to write for children.   I move between the two: I write an adult novel, and then I write a children's book. I quite enjoy that. It's a nice change of pace each time.” – John Boyne
Born in Ireland on this date in 1971, Boyne has authored 11 novels for adults and 6 for younger readers, publishing in over 50 languages. His multi-award winning 2006 novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas also was adapted into a popular movie by the same name.

A graduate of renowned Trinity College in Dublin – where he still makes his home – Boyne started writing in college and had his first short story published at age 22.  His first adult novel (and still one of his most popular) was 2000’s A Thief Of Time.  His 2017 book The Hearts Invisible Furies was named Book of the Year by the Book of the Month Club. 
             “I hope for so much from every book I read,” Boyne said about what he looks for in books.  “And time and again, I find myself disappointed. I look across my bookshelves and see hundreds of titles, which in my memory seem merely mediocre or second-rate. Only occasionally does a novel appear for which I feel a lasting passion, a book that I think could in time become a classic.”

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