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Saturday, February 18, 2023

February's Sky


The night sky often can inspire writers and in February we’re treated to some especially inspirational night skies in Colorado.   On clear cold nights the sweep of stars is truly breathtaking. 

And, even on nights when the stars are partially obscured by high clouds, the pale moon glinting through the trees onto new-fallen snow creates a terrific scene in its own right.  
For Saturday's Poem, here is Sara Teasdale's, 

        February Twilight

                                            I stood beside a hill
                                            Smooth with new-laid snow,
                                            A single star looked out
                                            From the cold evening glow.
                                            There was not another creature
                                            That saw what I could see,
                                            I stood and watched the evening star
                                            As long as it watched me.

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