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Monday, January 30, 2017

Real characters, epic fantasies

Some books are a revelation. They come along at just the right time for just the right reasons. They become heart books and soul books. – Judith Tarr

A writer of historical and epic fantasies, or what she likes to call “alternate history,” Tarr (who celebrates her birthday today) has won awards and legions of followers under three names – her own, and as Caitlin Brennan and Kathleen Bryan.

She has been a World Fantasy Award nominee for her Alexander the Great novel, Lord of the Two Lands, and won the Crawford Award for her Hound and the Falcon trilogy. As Brennan she wrote The Mountain’s Call and sequels, and as Bryan The Serpent and the Rose and its sequels.  Tarr also enjoys writing about and working with horses, especially Lipizzans.  She owns Dancing Horse Farm in Arizona where she gives lessons and talks on both horses and writing – especially works that are “historically” connected. 
“I like going back in time and writing historical fantasy,”              
she said.   “I use some real historical characters as a background to give depth to the fantasy. And I throw my fictional characters into the midst of this, and, so far, it has turned out interesting.” 

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