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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kerouac, Haiku, Saturday's Poem

“It's hard to write haiku. I mostly write long, silly Indian poems.” – Jack Kerouac
That having been said, Kerouac – born this date in 1922, and ever remembered for his autobiographical novel On The Road – wrote a lot of haiku, scattered in among his many other writings. 
On the Road, of course, is considered       a defining work of the post-WWII Beat and Counterculture generations, with its protagonists living life against a backdrop of jazz, poetry, and drug use.  It was based on the travels of Kerouac and his friends across America.

But, that’s best left for another “Writer’s Moment” entry.  Today, the focus is on Kerouac’s haiku, and here for Saturday’s Poems, are 3 that he liked.   I like them too.   Happy Saturday.

Holding Up My

Holding up my
purring cat to the moon
I sighed.

Birds Singing

Birds singing
in the dark
—Rainy dawn.

The Low Yellow

The low yellow
moon above the
Quiet lamplit house.

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