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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Powerful and timeless language

“The kinds of things that poetry can offer are timeless - mainly the kind of compression it offers of powerful language, powerful feelings and images, and, you know, the inner experience becoming outer.” – Brenda Hillman

Hillman has authored 9 poetry collections including Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire, for which she received the 2014 Griffin Poetry Prize and the Northern California Book Award for Poetry.   Her 2009 book Practical Water won the LA Times Book Award for Poetry, and Bright Existence was a finalist for the Pulitzer.   

                     A native of Arizona who now makes her home in California, Hillman is known for poems that draw on elements of found texts and document, personal meditation, observation, and literary theory.   For Saturday’s Poem (from the April 2016 Bookish article “15 Poems That Could Change Your Life”) here is Hillman’s,

In The Trance
A pretty anarchist said to me
It’s not that a great love happens
What happened became your great love

Her echo had an ancient glo & so
Proved buoyant for my little craft

I left the world & felt a world

The bee loading its gloves with powder
The albatross wanting one thing from the sea

Nothing can wreck our boat said she

& when the water felt the glacier
The future held a present tense
The present held a future without cease

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