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Monday, January 15, 2018

Stepping away from the real world

“Every book that you pick up takes you a step away from your real world, but if you read a book about magic, it takes you an extra two steps.” – Jenny Nimmo

British author Nimmo, born on this date in 1944, is a master of the “magical” genre, having authored numerous fantasy and adventure novels for kids and teens. Born in England, she has lived mostly in Wales for the past 40 years. 

Nimmo spent several years with the BBC and actually started her writing career by adapting other writers’ works for television shows.  Her first novel, The Bronze Trumpeter, started as a TV script of her own and then grew into a full-fledged book.  Among her best-known works are the fantasy novels: The Magician Trilogy, contemporary stories rooted in Welsh myth; and the bestselling Children of the Red King, a series about schoolchildren endowed with magical powers.

Also known as the Charlie Bone series, her primary protagonist is Charlie Bone, whose magical talent embroils him in sinister intrigues in his school. The Charlie Bone titles have been published in some 20 languages worldwide.       She likes to keep an objective eye on what her characters are doing – even those with special powers.

 “I try not to identify too strongly with any of my characters. I like to stand back and see them objectively. I think this is why I often use boys instead of girls, just in case I get too close and lose the overall picture. “

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