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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

From Storytelling To Redemption

"Storytelling makes possible redemptions and healings that can't happen in any other way." – Stephen Donaldson

While Donaldson is American, he has been “other-worldly” in his writing, developing a wide range of fantasy and science fiction novels that have cemented his position as a leading writer in the genre’ and had him knocking around in an alternative universe as his primary setting.   His most well-known series is the 10-novel fantasy The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.
              Donaldson’s writing – sometimes characterized by its psychological complexity and use of an arcane vocabulary – has generally attracted critical praise for its "imagination, vivid characterizations, and fast pace."   I think he also deserves high marks for great choice of titles (one I especially like is The Rune of Earth).

A graduate of The College of Wooster and Kent State (both in Ohio), he currently makes his home in New Mexico where he celebrated his 72nd birthday in mid-May.   “I may not yet be as old as dirt,” he said,  “but dirt and I have an awful lot in common.”

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