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Monday, June 24, 2019

You Gotta Show Up For Work

“I don't teach writing. I teach patience. Toughness. Stubbornness. The willingness to fail. I teach life. The odd thing is most of the things that stop an inexperienced writer are so far from the truth as to be nearly beside the point. When you feel global doubt about your talent, that is your talent. People who have no talent don't have any doubt.” – Richard Bausch 

Born at Fort Benning, GA 1945, Bausch now makes his home in southern California where he is a professor of writing at Chapman University and an award-winning writer of short stories, novels and poetry. 
                               Among his numerous awards are a Guggenheim, the PEN/Faulkner for Excellence in Short Story Writing, and a W.Y. Boyd for Excellence in Military Writing for his multiple-award winning historical novel Peace.

His advice for those who aspire to writing:  “Write a little bit every day, each day. Visit it, every day - in other words, show up for work.”

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