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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

'Always Be Writing Something'

“In the Cut was not what readers expected of me. Before it was published, I was seen as a women's writer, which meant that I wrote movingly about flowers and children.” – Susanna Moore


Born in Pennsylvania on this date in 1945, Moore is both a writer and teacher who grew up in Hawaii and then worked as a model and script reader in Los Angeles and New York City before beginning her writing career. Her first novel, My Old Sweetheart (1982) earned her a PEN Hemingway nomination.


But it was her fourth novel, In the Cut – the story of a teacher and detective caught up in investigating a series of grisly murders – that put her on the worldwide writing map.   The book gained her critical writing acclaim and was adapted into a successful (and suspense-filled) movie by the same name. 


Since 2004 she has been a regular lecturer at many leading schools, ranging from Ivy League schools to universities in Germany and Auxtrzlix.  She also did a 2-year creative writing stint at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY.  Hand-in-hand with teaching she has continued turning out best-selling books, including this year’s Miss Aluminum: A Memoir. 

“The point always is to be writing something,” she said.  “It leads to more writing.”


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