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Sunday, December 6, 2020

'Create Silence'

“The biggest achievement is to create silence. I think every real writer who has a passion to do justice to the world thinks this way.” – Peter Handke


Born in Austria on this date in 1942, Handke is the 2019 Nobel Prize-winner in literature, recognized for the breadth of hi work as a novelist, playwright, translator, poet, film director, and screenwriter.

He first broke onto the international writing scene with his 1960s award-winning play Offending the Audience and novel The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick.   His play Wings of Desire and his semi-autobiographical novel A Sorrow Beyond Dreams also have earned rave reviews.  

Despite his writing accolades, Handke himself has been the subject of controversy for his political views, especially in support of Serbia.  But the Nobel committee and many other Nobel Literary laureates said his works were deserving of the prize.    “An artist,” he said,  “is only an exemplary person if you can see in his works how life goes.”



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