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Saturday, December 12, 2020

'Jarring' Every Moment

 “I like the idea that you can jar a moment, capture it like a photograph.  Overworking poetry can have terrible results. If we all just scribbled down a poem whilst on the bus, the world would be a better place.”—Liam Wilkinson


Born in 1981, Wilkinson is an English poet, songwriter and singer whose work is a great example of how spontaneity can lead to interesting writing, especially poetry.  For Saturday’s Poem, here is Wilkinson’s,




Sunday is made of crisp paper
and coffee
so I’m happy to be here
out in the world
carrying the news
and savoring
the Americano on my tongue.


The shop assistant
had no idea
how much I loved her today.
Or how much
I loved the gorgeous line
of fresh orange juice
in the fridge
and the low low price
of economy cat litter.


The stillness of the seventh day
is only beautiful in things
as it happens.
to think Monday
will soon be here
in the tears
of tomorrow’s frozen vegetables. 




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