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Friday, March 26, 2021

'Living Life So Many Ways'

“A good novel is an out-of-self experience. It lifts you off the ground so that you have the sensation of flying. It says, 'Look at the world around you; learn from the people in these pages, neither quite me nor quite you, how life is lived in so many different ways.’” – Julia Glass

In 2002, Glass’s debut novel Three Junes got off to a very good liftoff, indeed, winning the National Book Award for Fiction.  Since then she’s led a very good writing life having half-a-dozen more novels published, all to excellent reviews.

Born in Massachusetts in March of 1956, Glass took a couple of divergent life paths, first moving to Brooklyn, NY, after college to become a painter, then trying magazine editing in New York City before taking a stab at creative writing.  She now lives back in Massachusetts and in addition to the National Book Award, she’s won the prestigious William Faulkner - William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition for her efforts.

Julie Glass 

“All the best novels are about one thing: how we go on,” she said.  “The characters must survive the fallout of their own cowardice, folly, denial or misguided passion. They squander what matters most, and still they pick up the pieces.”

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