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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dreamers dream; writers write

“Good fiction must be entertaining, but what makes fiction special - and True - is that the realness of a novel allows it to carry a larger message.” Jerry B. Jenkins

Michigan-born novelist and biographer Jenkins is perhaps best known as co-author of the Left Behind series of books with Tim LaHaye. 

In addition to his writing, he has produced television and movie programs, served as an editor, and was vice president of the Moody Bible Institute.    In his 40-year career, he has had 21 books reach the New York Times bestseller list, 7 as number 1.  In 2001 his book Desecration was ranked number one in the world.
Jnkins has written some 180 books, including                       
some non-fiction, although the bulk of his work is romance novels, mysteries, and children's adventures.  When asked about the volume of his work, he noted that,  “I love inventing worlds and characters and settings and scenarios.”

“Writers write,” he added.  “Dreamers talk about it.”

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