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Friday, October 28, 2016

Keeping 'introversion' off the table

“TV’s not the problem, and I'm tired of it being posed as this antithesis to creativity and productivity. If TV's getting in your way of writing a book, then you don't want to write a book bad enough.” – Andrea Seigel

Young Adult novelist Seigel – who grew up in California and then did her writing education on the East Coast (at Brown and Bennington) – turns 37 today and says she’s a great example of how an introvert can be succerssful in an extrovert’s world.   Author of 4 novels with a 5th on the way, she also has become a successful screenwriter and has had 2 of her books – The Kid Table and Everybody Knows Your Name turned into films.

She’s also been the subject of a script, featured on the public radio podcast Mystery Show, and was the focus of an episode of NPR’s popular This American Life program, for a rare neurological disorder from which she suffers.  
 Popular with young readers for her realistic portrayals,              
 she said she has simple advice for beginning writers about what to remember when they are submitting their work.  Try to remember that decisions are made by individual, fallible personalities, not gods. It's hard. I know.”

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