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Monday, October 20, 2014

A sight to make your eyes water

Driving home Sunday, we saw this very strange sight.  My first reaction was:  Wow, there are rows and rows of little haystacks in that field.   But on closer look, the haystacks turned out to be large burlap bags lined up like sentinels and stretching out for a quarter-mile or so.

So we stopped.  This was too curious to pass by.  Pulling up alongside the field, I climbed out with camera in hand, saw some shiny white round objects lying in the dirt, as yet unbagged, and immediately pronounced “Potatos.  They’re digging up potatos and bagging them.” 

Which, of course, was ridiculous since, as anyone who’s been around potato harvests know, potatos don’t come out of the ground already peeled and ready to cook.    A few steps closer and the unmistakeable odor gave it away.  They were onions.  Thousands and thousands of them, unearthed either by a now-missing machine, or by hand.  Workers nearby were bagging them for transport.

This will definitely be somewhere in a future bit of writing – both the phenomenon of the onion field’s appearance and the give-away odor.   It’s only a matter of when and how (but myriad titles and genres are already springing to mind).  And, no, we didn’t take home any samples.


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