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Monday, October 13, 2014

'Everyday' humor

I’ve long enjoyed using humor in my writing and for many years wrote a sort-of “humor on life” column called Jargon, started when I was writing for the Hot Springs Star in the Southern Black Hills.  Some columns were purely to entertain, but others were written as a way to draw attention to a need, an idea, or a concept that was easier to convey through the use of humor.

Making something funny -- especially if it was about myself -- helped ease the way into a tough subject and gave my readers the invitation to laugh along as I told about maladies affecting me, my family members, pets, and sometimes neighbors, although I usually made sure they knew they were going to be brought into focus before writing about them.  (Nothing worse than an angry funny neighbor!).
Most of the things we enjoy laughing at are true stories, even if sometimes exaggerated for effect. Most people laugh harder at things that happen in everyday life than at “jokes.”  So, it makes sense, then, to use those life moments as writers' moments to help illustrate a story.

“Happy” writing.


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