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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The magic of grace

In a recent speech presented in Ohio, where she lives, my longtime friend and fellow writer Carolyn Amiet talked about the word Grace and the meaning and power that word holds for her personally as well as the many meanings that it has in our lives. 

Grace, she reflected, touches on so many levels and can be used in so many different contexts ranging from the physical (think dancing, or playing a sport to perfection, a bird in flight, or the great racehorse Secretariat “rolling down the stretch on a warm afternoon at Churchill Downs”); to the musical (the rise and fall of a melody, “or the Nutcracker’s magnificent ‘Waltz of the Flowers’”); or to art (the design of buildings, rooms, gardens, and even magazine pages).

And, of course, Grace can apply to the written or spoken language.  “Poetry,” she said, “immediately comes to mind, but prose has grace as well.  When words are chosen carefully, and joined in just the right combination and cadence, something graceful—even magical—happens.”


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