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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Road Less Traveled...To Elk Horn

Elk Horn, Iowa (along with its nearby neighboring town of Kimballton) is known as “Denmark on the Prairie.”  Located a few miles north of I-80 in western Iowa, it is the host to the only authentic, operating Danish windmill in the United States. The mill was purchased from Norre Snede, Denmark, shipped and reconstructed in 1976 with the help of over 300 volunteers. 

While the purchase was done, in part, as a way to share the heritage of the community from which many of the Elk Horn residents' families had their roots, it is ironic that Norre Snede -- located almost in the center of Denmark -- ceased to exist in 2007 when it was swallowed up by neighboring cities.

Thus, the Elk Horn windmill is "The Windmill From Nowhere."  Hmmm, not a bad title for a book.

Happy trails...and writing. 

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