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Thursday, May 9, 2019

'Be As Curious As A Child'

“Our job as writers is to be as curious as a child, to see things for the first time, and to never assume. We must always be willing to surrender our idea of the story to allow the larger story to emerge. We are seeking to understand the nature of things, the underlying forces at work.” – Alan Watt

Born in Canada in 1965, Watt is a lecturer, screenwriter and novelist who has primarily built his reputation presenting writing lectures at such disparate venues as conferences, College and University Business Schools, and a number of maximum security prisons.   He also teaches an annual summer creative writing workshop at UCLA. 

In 2002, Watt founded the L.A. Writers' Lab, where he teaches writers how to write the first draft of their novel in just three months.  And in 2011 he founded the publishing house The 90-Day Novel Press to help authors who write books in 90 days or less get their works published.   He has written 3 books on the topic:  The 90-Day Novel, The 90-Day Rewrite, and the 90-Day Screenplay.

Watt, whose most recent novel is Frontier Hotel, said his basic writing advice is pretty simple.  “Our ability to write truthfully is what brings our stories to life.”

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